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How to create an “About Me” page in Tumblr


I love the simplicity of Tumblr. I use Wordpress for the sites I get paid to create, so the last thing I wanted to do was maintain one for me. But, since my personal domain, points here, I wanted to have an about me page.

Tumblr doesn’t offer that option.

Here’s how to create one anyway…

  1. Create a new Text Post
  2. Upload pictures, and write content as usual
  3. Open “Advanced Options”
  4. Under “Publishing Options”, chose “private”
  5. Click Create post

The post will now appear in your time line, but not on your blog. Click “share” above the new post and copy the address it shows in the box.

Open your html editor and add a new link to whatever navigation you use, using the copied address as the target.


Now, your Tumblr, like mine, will have additional pages that, while actually just blog posts, do not show up as a blog entry.

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